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10-29-2008, 02:40 PM
Hello out there,

I am looking for some advice about hauling bike/walk maps, a canopy, 2 chairs, camp table and other materials (paper) to and from events (street fairs, farmers markets, etc).

The trailer has to be able to have one person haul it to the event and another haul it away.

I have used a Burley 2 kid trailer before but my stuff is too heavy and the trailer isn't big enough.

I am looking at CAT's Hauler Cargo Trailer : http://catoregon.qwestoffice.net/hpm/hauler.htm. I can add a tailgate and put the maps in a plastic bin. I am not too worried about the table,chairs or canopy getting wet.

Has anyone used this trailer? Other suggestions? We, Transportation Options, would really like to get something locally built.

Janis McDonald
City of Portland
Transportation Options

11-03-2008, 05:55 AM
How long/tall is the canopy? You might have to rig some kind of rack on top of the trailer to carry the canopy - either that or extend the back so you can lay it flat? Maybe bolt a plywood deck to the bottom that hangs out an extra couple feet - put a rail around the end to make your tailgate.

(Edit:) Nevermind. I see there's a larger model available too. That'll probably do the trick. Seems the best bet for accommodating two different people (who may not be coming from the same locale so you can't switch the same bike like an Xtra or Bakfiets).

The only other trailer I know of that can handle big bulky loads is the Bikes At Work (http://www.bikesatwork.com/bike-trailers/) but they're not local. The lower hitch point might be more stable tho'?

Good luck! :)

11-03-2008, 07:34 AM
The Burley Nomad or Flatbed should do the trick.


Much better than trying to retrofit a kid carrier to cargo.

11-03-2008, 02:47 PM
Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, the Burley won't hold enough weight - we like to haul a bunch of maps to give away.

I will check into the Bikes at Work. I have some other ideas floating around too - like making the trailer also be our table once we get to the event...I like the creativity that people have sent me - we will see if I have that money.

Cheers, janis