View Full Version : Pussies of the world unite!

05-30-2006, 01:56 PM
It was a beautiful Memorial Day. My lady friend and I were heading up towards Rocky Butte via bikes, on the shoulder of the road. You zoomed past us less than a foot away in your Cadillac. Instinctively, I threw my hand in the air and cursed at your bumper, as you continued along unaffected by our near-death-experience. Upon reaching the top, we were greeted by a sinister glare from a gleaming white old topless man. We made the connection that it was indeed you when we got within earshot of your crazy mumbling. "Pussy. That's what you should do with that finger you gave me - shove it up your pussy!" I responded, "I didn't flip you off and besides, you could've killed us". Your intelligent comeback was, "Pussy. That's what happens. You damn bicyclists get hit by a car, and then you whine about it like a bunch of pussies." Another bicyclist, a woman closer to your age, just reached the top. My lady friend said, "So, you'd run her off the road, too?" "Yes I would", you said, "the roads are made for cars. Buncha pussies."
At this point we realized that your argument was ridiculous and that you had a few loose screws, yet you CONTINUED to call us "pussies". My lady friend said "you're just an ignorant old man", as we walked away. You couldn't help yourself and retorted, "Yeah...well, you're a pussy".