View Full Version : Shake down cruise a success!

09-05-2008, 04:30 PM
It took me awhile to get all of the parts together and switch my mountain bike into a grocery hauler. Mostly by parts I mean the mental switching of my MOUNTAIN BIKE over to haul groceries. A few locks, extra red flashing lights, flag (for the trailer), spare trailer tire tube, sob, sniff, sniff, and a kick stand.

I noticed a few things that I'll need to adjust for . Hauling a trailer, even when empty takes longer to get across from the bike lane to the left turn lane. Head winds take on a new dimension in going slow. People in cars give a lot more room when they think you've got a child in the trailer. Locking up to go into the store , and unlocking to leave takes FOREVER. Parking a bike, and trailer at the bike rack takes up a lot of space, and seems to be in everyones way.

I usually walk to the grocery store, so even with the extra security it takes less time than the 3 mile walk to the store I usually do. When the weather changes next week I'll probably need to get fenders too, but all in all I think it is going to be more cost effective than starting the car to put money into a rich guys pocket.