View Full Version : Lost Red Shoes downtown

05-25-2006, 04:48 PM
My shoes fell off the back of my bike on my way home from work today (Thursday May 25th) aorund 4:45. I lost them on 6th between Montgomery & Madison or on Madison between 6th & the Hawthorne bridge. Thanks to the kind motorist who tipped me off! I went back over my route to look for them several times & can only assume some kind soul must have picked them up, probably a cyclist since they would have been most likely to fall in the way of another cyclist (sorry about that!). They were red Five Ten Insights, black soles, laces & tongue, womens' size 7. They were in a Safeway bag that had a receipt in it that probably had my name on it (but maybe not!). I only owned them for two weeks! I would be eternally grateful for their return. Please spread the word! Thanks!