View Full Version : 2 close calls this weekend -- hawthorne bridge area

08-18-2008, 03:53 PM
1. Noon saturday, in green bike box on SW madison and 3rd. Gold SUV (didn't get license #) passed me and then turned right on 3rd in front me (just brushed my front wheel, but I stayed up). I was riding in a high upright position -- no way driver couldn't have seen me. Do drivers really understand that they must yield to bikes in a bike lane -- especially in a green box?!

2. On the Hawthorne bridge, 5 pm sunday. Bicyclist (no helmet) riding the wrong way (east in the westbound bike/ped lane) on the bridge almost sideswiped me and forced a couple of pedestrians to dodge him. Cussed out bike rider in front of me who politely called "Hey, wrong way!"

Jerks/idiots can ride 2 wheels or 4, but 4-wheel types are a lot more dangerous.