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08-15-2008, 10:06 PM
Had a close call today due to a flaw in the engineering of the bike lane on SW Lombard where the WES line was installed.

Today's problem in the bike lane on Lombard...‏
From: K' Tesh
Sent: Fri 8/15/08 10:58 PM
To: Margaret Middleton (mmiddleton@ci.beaverton.or.us)

I spoke to someone in Public Works... didn't get his name. I was busy trying to get on a bus, and had to cut the call really short. I tried to talk to him again, and had to cut the call short again as I was getting off the bus.

I don't know how to contact him directly, but we did manage to talk about the expansion joints where the gutter meets the road (NB lane of Lombard, north of Canyon). He said something to the effect of "the bike lanes there are 7' wide to allow people to have a wide clearance from those joints."

I think someone should go out there and measure those bike lanes again, if they're supposed to be 7' then we got shorted. They appear to be closer to 5' than 7', and the gutters seem to me to be wider than average. I can understand the need for expansion joints, but the gaps really did catch my 700C X 35 tire on my new bike while I was being passed on the left by another cyclist, and had I not been as stable as I am, I may have found mysef lying on the road.

FYI Mrs. Middleton is the facilitator of the Beaverton BAC.

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Be Careful Out There!

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