View Full Version : SE 20th & Clinton - one bad apple

05-17-2006, 10:47 AM
Picture the scene: Mother's Day, a nice, warm, sunny Sunday afternoon. Mom, 2 kiddies (age 10 or under), and Dad bringing up the rear, westbound on Clinton, approaching SE 20th. Helmets on, single file. Approaching the intersection at "family speed" - maybe 8-10 mph at the most. A lycra-clad man and woman approaching the intersection eastbound, single-file at about 15 mph, with about 15 feet (back wheel to front wheel) between them.

Clinton is a through street, SE 20th has stop signs.

Bam! A cyclist in black blows through the southbound stop sign. Cuts between the two kids. Continues through the intersection and goes between the two eastbound bikers.

The second kid swerves and falls. Dad stops and yells "watch out!" or something similar, before helping his daughter. The lycra-girl sees him coming, brakes and swerves and curses. Blow-thru cyclist gives the finger and continues.

The family and couple stop, make sure the kids are okay, and check out the intersection. Nope...no cars blocking visibility from 20th onto Clinton. Everyone is in relatively visible attire. Okay, they agreed, the Man in Black was just being a jerk.

We live off Clinton, and ride it or walk it many times a week. We see many of the cross street stops get run when there's no traffic nearby (and often run them myself), but never one as callously as this. Both sets of cyclists were pretty much in the intersection when the sign was run! I can only imagine that these kids may have a new fear of riding, and their parents may change their minds about family rides on city streets.