View Full Version : TriMet vs SE Lincoln Bike Route

07-31-2008, 07:35 AM
There has been sewer repair work on Lincoln that has caused the #71 line to be completely rerouted over the past year, but it's coming back and the proposal is to route northbound buses around Division, but keep southbound buses on Lincoln between 52nd and 60th. If you have ever had the opportunity to ride down Lincoln along side a TriMet bus, it's not that pleasant. There are a couple of islands to help slow the speed of traffic on the bike route, and the buses have to do some fancy maneuvering to get around them... and you! Not to mention the fact that this portion of Lincoln is purely residential as well as an access point to Mt. Tabor and as such is heavily trafficked by an incredibly high percentage of walkers, runners, dogs, skateboarders and of course cyclists.

I want to set up an online petition to request that both north and southbound buses be rerouted to Division and wanted to get some preliminary feedback from the forums. I also want to get an idea of how many residential bike lanes are shared with bus lines to see if that is something to use for the petition. I was also curious if anyone has taken on an issue such as this before and if it was even worth tackling. Perhaps it's story worthy for Bike Portland? I would think that if there was an opportunity to get TriMet off of a bike route that it would be a high profile issue.

If you want to check out the Service Alert, go to

There, you will find more specific information regarding the proposed change, contact information and even an online survey.

Thanks in advance for every one's feedback,