View Full Version : Macadam/43 to lake Oswego

07-28-2008, 12:10 PM
I am thinking of CAREFULLY commuting on 43 from the Sellwood bridge, south to Lake Oswego. Are there any paths between the road and the river? Regardless, are there any 43 commuters that could share their riding experiences on that stretch of road? Thank you very much!


07-28-2008, 12:28 PM
I go up through Willamette Cemetery and then coast down Terwilliger, spits me out right in LO. A bit of a climb but much lower traffic.

43 strikes me as being decidedly bike UN-friendly, I once made the mistake of taking 43 from Taylor's Ferry to the Sellwood bridge (I didn't know about the path on the East side of 43) and that short transit scared the stuffing out of me.