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05-12-2006, 11:38 PM
Ok, I'm in the burbs. Lake O for crying out loud....I don't own a car, not to mention the mandatory LO-SUV. So, I should have come to expect it by now,but this one surprised me.
So, there I am JRA, with a trailer full of groceries, in the bike lane, in broad daylight, about 1pm, when all of a sudden this lady from the oncoming lane turns right in front of me. I locked 'em up, and swerved out in the car lane barely, and I mean barely, missing the oncoming Ford "Extension" complete with Cell Phone talking, Starbucks slurping Soccer Mom. So, I kinda gather myself and turn into Les Scwab to confront her as she dismounts from her Dinosaur burner. Next thing I know, SHE flips ME the finger!
" Look WTF you're going next time...", she shrieks.
"Yeah, Next time...", I mutter to myself as common sense tells me to turn around and go on my merry way.
Geez, some people. I swear.
At least I am OK, and in one piece.

be safe, Y'all.

05-16-2006, 04:38 PM
Ya know when I was a kid and my family would take the old (new then) Ford Pinto down HWY 101 to visit Grandma & Grandpa in California every summer, my mom would always remark about the long lines of enormous Motor homes on the highway. She'd say, mockingly, words that a Silver Streak Trailer pulling pick-up, billowing diesel exhaust, driver might say...

"I pay my taxes, I'm an American, I own the road."

The thoughtlessness of entitlement. Screw everybody else, I'm an exceptional person...

It's the American way.
There's entitlement, there's decency and courtesy, and then there's safety. It sounds like the SUV lady missed class that day.

Our only consolation, rejoice in the knowledge that she pays < $100 to fill the tank of ye olde SUV'; which may be why she seemed pissed.

Ride safely,