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07-02-2008, 09:33 PM
Exchange Cycle Tours Presents: Bike Camping!

This upcoming weekend is the Fourth of July, and in accordance with the long weekend, ECT is taking a long trip up the Clackamas!

This trip will be a bit different from previous excursions - we'll be riding up Highway 224 and NF-46 into the National Forest into the realm of pristine streams and old-growth forest, to camp in primitive settings outside of the USFS campground system. This is an exploratory camping trip, meaning we'll figure out a decent campsite on the fly when we get out there. This will likely be the most advanced camping trip of the year in terms of skills needed - our next camping trip at Oxbow will be much more beginner-friendly.

This trip will start from the Cleveland MAX station (eastbound end-of-the-line in Gresham) at 9am sharp. There will be no on-site facilities: no showers, no toilets, no potable water. We will pass a number of campgrounds on the way out where water can be obtained. We may also haul wood from Estacada for a fire - fire risk is low, so fires *are* permitted in the National Forest at this time.

ECT Clackamas Camping Trip
Dates: Friday, July 4th through Sunday, July 6th
Departure Time: 9am July 4th, from Cleveland Ave. MAX station
Arrival back in Gresham: late evening Sunday
One-Way Mileage: 60-70 miles
Weather Forecast: Party-Mostly Sunny, highs of 77-83, lows of 53-55. Slight chance of showers.

Map: http://www.bikely.com/maps/bike-path/Clackamas-Camping-Out-to-Big-Bottom
Cue Sheet: http://www.bikely.com/cuesheet/route/Clackamas-Camping-Out-to-Big-Bottom

NOTE: To get to Cleveland Ave. before 9am, you must board MAX by 8:06am if coming from Pioneer Square.

Those of you who truly want to ride all day can join us at Voodoo Too at 1501 NE Davis St. at 7am. We will have coffee and a donut and head on our way at 7:15am out to Gresham on the following route: http://www.bikely.com/maps/bike-path/Voodoo-Too-to-Gresham-MAX-end-of-line

Additional Notes:
1. We are actively seeking someone to provide emergency SAG service, but this should be considered a fully self-supported ride
2. This is *NOT* a beginner ride. While we are not discouraging beginners from coming, you should be aware that you may not enjoy this ride as much as you would an easier trip
3. Bring extra food and water. There will be a food stop in Estacada, which has a full-service grocery and a full pharmacy (which also has spare tubes and minor bike supplies)
4. Bring a minimum of 2 tubes and a frame pump - Hwy 224 has gravel, and sometimes small sharp rocks near the canyon walls.
5. Bring a light. It will get very dark at night - there will be no nearby light sources, and finding your way to a suitable sanitary location at night could be problematic.
6. Bring a small shovel and some toilet paper (unscented, biodegradable) - the campsite will have NO toilet. Talk to me about proper "disposal" techniques.
7. The Clackamas River is COLD, but you *can* swim in it. Assuming it gets up in the 80s, you might want a swimsuit and a towel.
8. Bring suncreen.
9. We will likely find a camp on Friday night for the whole trip, and remain there all day Saturday. If we are close enough to the Big Bottom old-growth area, I will lead an exploratory hike for those who want to see large old Douglas-fir trees and Western Redcedar.
10. Notify someone before you leave that you will be camping up the Clackamas River between Austin Hot Springs and Big Bottom, that you are leaving on July 4th and returning on July 6th, and to call 911 and notify the Clackamas County Sheriff if they don't hear from you by noon on Monday the 7th. While I don't expect any problems, the possibility always exists that one or more of us could encounter an issue while up in the National Forest.
11. Bring sealed plastic bags or other airtight storage for food. You don't want raccoons fighting over your food in the middle of the night.
12. It's 4th of July weekend. There will be traffic - lots of it, until we clear the road to Timothy Lake. There will be a few spots where we can avoid the traffic, but in spots it'll be... unpleasant. You have been warned.
13. After Estacada, there is seldom, if ever, cellphone reception. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to reach anyone from the location we are camping in. Please keep that in mind.

Thanks! Hope to see some of you out there! Following is ECT's club guidelines and the minimum and recommended gear lists.

Minimum Gear List
Tent/Hammock/Tarp to sleep under
Sleeping Bag or blankets
Riding clothes
Comfortable shoes
Bike lights
Additional light for in-camp
2L or more of water storage
Food for 2 days
Spare batteries for lights
First Aid Kit
Emergency Blanket (Mylar)
Waterproof Matches
Patch Kit
2 Spare Tubes
Tire Levers
Hex Wrenches/Multitool
Plastic or folding shovel
Toilet paper
Frame pump
Some reliable means of telling time

Recommended Additional Gear
USFS Map - Clackamas Ranger District, Mt. Hood National Forest
Camp stove and fuel
A Book/Game/Something to Do
FRS Radio
Zip Ties
Duct Tape
Bungie Cords

Our Club Ride General Guidelines/Info:

Ride Leader and contact information:
Matthew Picio - ECT Volunteer
matt [dot] picio [ at] gmail [dot ] com

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