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06-26-2008, 08:59 AM
I was riding southbound NW 185th between Cornell and Walker when a guy in a gigantic float decided to turn right into the abandoned Albertsons parking lot without a turn signal. I locked up the front brake, never even had time to get my hand on the right, and missed hitting him by a few centimeters (it seemed). I yelled "Hey!" as loud as I could, but he was oblivious. All I managed to do was startle the heck out of the two poor pedestrians who were right beside me.

No real harm, but I did manage to learn a lot from this incident. Mainly: my memory is pitiful. If something had actually happened and I had to give a report to the police the only details I could give them is that the driver was a man, possibly hispanic, sporting a mustache. The car was a large, older model "old man's car." That's it. No idea about make and model, color, and never mind license plate number. I seem to remember it was a lighter color. White? Silver? Who knows?

I always believed that in situations like these I would remember every little detail of the offense. Maybe the instant adrenaline rush causes one to focus exclusively on survival while other cognitive functions step aside. I really don't know; I'm just still very surprised at how little I remember.

The other thing I learned is that you can never give up your vigilance. I always make it a point not to enter an intersection without at least trying to guess the intentions of all the drivers around me. This was near the end of my ride, it was warm, I was tired, and I had a backpack full of groceries, so I didn't check my mirror. If I had, I probably would have seen that he was slowing, even though his turn signal wasn't on. I could have given myself a bigger margin. But it was the one time I didn't look. All it takes is one...

Simple Nature
06-26-2008, 09:49 PM
Glad you made it without a scuff. It was a friendly reminder that you are merely mortal :D