View Full Version : Two pickups stop to kill a biker

05-10-2006, 03:55 PM
60th & Flavel, going North, one block after the 4 way stop at 4:15pm Weds May 10th.

Bad day riding, a mile earlier on Lake Road I was forced into the concrete retaining wall by an older couple who cut over into the bike lane to get into the right turn lane early. I yelled to alert them, they stopped and although I was shaking, we all were OK, so I just chalked it up to someone watching out. No harm, no foul. I was still shaking at the 62nd & Flavel and slowed but did not put my foot down, just coasted with the car pulling through the stop sign.

I know, it was wrong and I am known for stopping, no excuses, and I am sorry for all of you out there tonight.

The car I coasted next to flipped me off, pulled over to teach me a lesson, it was a Maroon Pickup, newer model Toyota I think, license TXN 899. I stopped, pulled cell, dialed 911, the driver was stunned I wouldn't fight (at my age?), the pickup behind stopped and I didn't get a look as I was talking to some 911 operator and he told me he would kill me for riding like that (yes, I really regretted not putting my foot down). I spoke to neither of them (being appropriately scared by people strange enough to kill another human being for almost but not quite stopping) and they drove off.

911 was useless, on the side of Flavel, they said I got the wrong 911 (like I can control that), I asked them to take the information, they said no, they had to transfer me, they transferred me to Portland 911 who half way through the conversation where I started with "I need immediate police assistance" they disconnected me. Even with caller ID nobody called back. Oh well, they probably had a tough day as well.

My apologies to the biking community, because tonight there are two very angry people willing to jump out of cars and discuss killing and bikers in the same sentence. Someone will get hurt and I wish I had put the damn foot down.