View Full Version : When TriMet attacks?

06-11-2008, 08:12 PM
June 11, 2008 at approximetely 6:45 Trimet bus near Bus stop on Hawthorne Eastbound overpass, a Trimet bus lumbers into the Bus Only lane at approx 25 mph then begins to slow. At least 4 cyclists (I was fourth in the line of cyclists and was aware of at least one other cyclist immediately behind me) proceeding East in bike lane. I presume there was possibly a fleet of cyclists strung out behind me because we were all just released from a raised drawbridge.

The bus driver, still in the Bus Only lane, signals, then slows to match speed of cyclists. Then the bus driver then begins to angle the bus and enters into the bike lane while at least 4 cyclists are adjacent to bus. The bus driver appeared to have been well aware of the cyclists, and bus driver seemed to have wanted to demonstrate a desire to “break” through the line by entering the bike lane. While the bus "squezzed" the cyclists in the bike lane a couple of riders proceeded to pass the bus on the left.

I can imagine that if the bus driver had stopped and waited for an opening in the line of cyclists he may have had a long wait. Nevertheless the driver’s actions were unsafe. But what ya gonna do? I propose a better bike/bus interface, move the bus stop toward Bus Only lane and move bike lane toward far right of overpass so that bus is NOT required to cross bike lane to access bus stop. I’ve seen it elsewhere.