View Full Version : NE 16th Ave and Sandy Blvd with TriMet Bus

06-05-2008, 10:31 AM
Vehicle ID: 1717
Route number: 20
Date: 06/05/2008
Time: (around) 8:40 am
Location: Intersection of NE 16th Ave. and NE Sandy Blvd.
Travelling Direction: Bus was travelling north bound on NE 16th Ave turning left onto Sandy Blvd. I was travelling south bound on NE 16th Ave turning right onto Sandy Blvd.

I was wearing bright yellow clothes and a 150 lumens light (NiteRider MiNewt X2) in flashing mode at the front of my bike. It is difficult to miss me and I have signaled my turn with my right arm fully extended. The bus slowed down briefly in the middle of the turn. I guess that's when the driver noticed me. However, he decided to proceed the turn and turned into the outer lane of Sandy Blvd. His action put the bus right in front of my travelling path and I had to brake really hard to avoid the collision. Please note that Sandy Blvd has a four lanes and the intersection is not difficult to maneuver even for the size of a bus.

I had brief conversation with the driver. He did not feel sorry that he almost killed me and insisted that he had the right of way! The traffic light was green and there’s no designated left turning light in that intersection.

What gave me a chill is that the bus driver thinks he had the right of way and it is okay to run me over.

I sent an e-mail to TriMet customer service and am waiting for reply.

It is dangerous out there and be careful everybody.

06-05-2008, 01:03 PM
I'm getting really sick of TriMet bus drivers, VERY quickly. In my area (NW) they insessantly run red lights, ignore stop signs, fail to yield for pedestrians along 23rd (or any street for that matter). A few weeks ago I was riding north along SW 18th around PGE park when a bus headed west on Morrison ran through the red light (I was in the intersection with a green light) to make a right turn onto 18th. Had I been moving faster and not reacted in time I would have been under its rear wheels. The worst part, I saw the driver look directly at me before he blew through the light. I see this happen a lot just at this one intersection. Does TriMet specifically attempt to hire bad/anti-cyclist drivers?

06-06-2008, 08:47 AM
Maybe he did not understand your turn signal?

I'm glad you didn't get hit, and disappointed that the bus driver didn't understand that you are traffic and he has to yield to you.