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06-01-2008, 07:39 PM
Would you forward this invitation to friends who might enjoy exploring the city by bike with other men Ė and would you consider joining us yourself?

5/19 & 6/2 (1st & 3rd Mondays), 6:30 pm
Outside Whole Foods, NE 15th & Fremont

When a group rides together not knowing where they're going, all these experiences unfold -- things like team, flow, laughter, and that whoosh of being free AND connected as men on the move together. This experience of riding easily together pulls out some experiences in our bodies and hearts that are difficult to reproduce in modern culture. Perhaps they are akin in some strange ways to the experience of playing together in the wild. Perhaps itís just the good old fashioned fun of boys playing together on bikes. Donít worry, itís not too daunting Ė we stop for dinner along the way for good food & conversation.

WHO: Co-Facilitated by David Barts, a long-time cycling commuter & barefoot naturalist, and Dennis, whoís passions are raising his 4-year old son, riding his bike, & advocating for a bicycling transportation revolution.

WEAR: So we'll be visible, consider wearing something warm, waterproof, & bright, and of course bring your helmet, bike lights for the front & back of your bike, some water, and raingear if the weather is inclement.

DIVERSITY: We love riding with men of all ages, sizes, shapes, colors, orientations, experience levels, and backgrounds (including trans guys). Thanks for helping us increase the diversity of men who get invited to this event by forwarding this to any friends/colleagues who might be interested.

DONATIONS: $5 - $20. No one turned away for lack of funds & work-study available. Please call in advance to schedule work-study hours: Bart at 503-2230-8822 X1.

SPONSOR: Manifest/Q-LAND, a non-profit menís wellness community, empowering men to manifest wellness & love through community. Join the 10% Solution: give 10% of your time & money to create the community you want.

INFO: David at 503-223-8822 x1

RSVP website: qland.org/calendar