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Western Flyer
05-26-2008, 09:07 PM
What are peoplesí thought on bisephenol-A and other chemicals leaching from your water bottles into your drinking water while on the road? Is it a concern or do people even care? I was searching for a new bottle online and REI had 2 or 3 pages of bisephenol-A free bottles prominently listed. This plastic additive, which seems to be in lots of plastics we come in contact with every day, may have some pretty serious health effects.

I was looking for a Sigg 1.5 liter bottle and found Sigg is pretty much backordered to Switzerland on many of their products. Sigg seems to have caught the publicís attention in a big way on Oprah where Julia Roberts held up a Sigg water bottle for the world to see. Sigg claims 0.0% leaching of any chemicals on all of their bottles.

I use a Soma Crystal water bottle for around town riding. For longer rides I add a Swiss Katadyn Micro Filter water bottle, which pretty much turns tap water from most any source into store bought taste and will filter stream water for bacteria and cysts. It can even be upgraded for third-world use. If you normally buy bottled water while on the road it pays for itself, and keeps a lot of plastic out of the landfills. Both of the above bottles claim to be bisephenol-A free.
As a note my wife uses stainless steel water bottles for her bike.

Western Flyer

05-28-2008, 06:50 PM
I just saw a TV story on this... I forget what program it was. The conclusion seems to be that for now science still hasn't converged to decide BSP is or is not safe for adults. There seems to be a higher concern for its effect on young children. My opinion is that it's probably safer to avoid it where possible, but realize BSP is almost omnipresent in today's products. There are no labeling requirements, so the only way to find out whether your product contains BSP (assuming it's not voluntarily labeled) is to call and ask. For example, did you realize BSP is commonly used as a liner in canned goods to keep the metal from affecting the food and vice-versa?