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05-03-2006, 10:07 PM
This week's Community Exchange Ride will take us to Hagg Lake. Take a dip.

Hagg Lake Genenral Info:

Calendar of ExchangeCycleTours

Group Rides: Reach Henry Hagg Lake; Easy and Intermediate
Sunday May 7, 2006
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Event Location: Madison Plaza: SE Madison & Eastbank Esplanade

Staggered departure times for each group to ensure all bikes will fit on MAX Lightrail Train.

Intermediate Group will depart at 2:05 PM.

Easy Group will depart at at 2:15 PM.

We start off with a nice easy 2 mile ride through downtown to Goose Hollow/SW Jefferson MAX station.

Both Groups will take MAX to Hillsboro and start the ride. We will stay head past Forest Grove and turn southwest to Henry Hagg Lake (13 miles)
The intermediate Group will ride an additional 10.2-mile loop around Hagg Lake.
Both groups will return to Madison Plaza following outbound route.

All riders will then return to Portland on the Max.


This is a good chance to test out your bicycle, safety equipment, ride
clothing, and tool kits.

We recommend bringing the following gear:

Wireless Phone
Hooded jacket or head covering
Rain gear if necessary
Riding glasses
Tool pouch/multi-tool
Frame Pump or CO2 Inflator/Cartridges
Spare tubes/Patches
Water bottles or Hydration pack
Light Snack
Bike: (Preferrably with fenders in case of rain)

Both rides will be led by United Bicycle Institute certified
mechanics; no rider left behind.

All riders will need to sign a Liability Release Agreement before
departure. Under 18 riders please be accompanied by an adult.

This ride is sponsored by the Community Exchange Cycle Touring Club, a
global non-profit organization with the goal of connecting diverse
world communities through reciprocated exchange bicycle tours.

Contact: Steven Kung, 503-957-6672, sfnkung@...

Steven Kung
05-04-2006, 09:53 AM
Trip Planner/Route Directions

Madison Plaza to MAX Station at Goose Hollow/SW Jefferson (2 Miles)

Cross Hawthorne Bridge
Hawthorne Brg becomes SW Madison St
Turn Left onto SW 1st Ave
Turn right onto SW Jefferson St
Turn right onto SW 18th Ave
Turn left onto SW Madison St
Turn left onto SW 19th Ave
End at SW 19th Ave & SW Jefferson St

Approx. Travel time on MAX from Goose Hollow/SW Jefferson to Hillsboro Terminus: 35 Minutes

Hillsboro MAX Terminus to Hagg Lake (13 Miles)
View Route Map at:

Go South on SE Adams Ave.
Turn Right onto SE Baseline St. (Hwy 8)
Continue on Baseline which becomes N Adair St. (Hwy 8)
Continue on Adair which become Pacific Ave. (Hwy 8)
Turn Left onto Hwy 47 (Nahalem Hwy)
Stay on Hwy 47 for approx. 3.2 miles
Pass SW Dilley Rd on your right
Turn Right onto Old Hwy 47
Turn Right onto SW Scoggins Valley Rd
Pass the Henry Hagg Lake Park Ticketing Station
Turn Left onto West Shore Dr.
Arrive at Hagg Lake spillway.

Hagg Lake Loop Ride (10.2 Miles)

From Hagg Lake spillway on West Shore Dr.
Continue South on West Shore Dr.
Turn Right continuing on SW West Shore Dr.
Stay in Right lane and continue to ride around Hagg Lake
SW West Shore Dr. becomes SW Scoggins Valley Rd.
Return to Hagg Lake Park Ticketing Station

Return to Madison Plaza in reverse direction.