View Full Version : Good Samaritans

05-02-2006, 12:51 AM
This afternoon my little brother Robin broke both his radius and his ulna in a biking accident. A roller-blader cut him off, he hit his brakes a little to hard and went over his handlebars. (Roller-bladers! What is this 1991?) So there he was crashed on the Hawthorn bridge with his ulna sticking through his skin. Luckily we have the best biking community in the country here in Portland. A pair of older bicyclists stop and helped him out. They got his gear out of the road, gave him some water, called 911 and waited with him for the ambulance to come. Robin was pretty much in shock, he thinks one of them was named "Sam". I can't thank these fellas enough for looking after my little brother. It's so good to know that folks are looking out for each other out there. Thanks Guys!