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Hal Ballard, LCI 815 C,M
05-07-2008, 02:53 PM
The WashCo BTC is again hosting the Ride of Silence (www.rideofsilencedotorg (http://www.rideofsilencedotorg)) to honor the memories of those bicyclists slain while riding on Washington County's roads in collaboration with the worldwide R of S on Wednesday, May 21, 2008, 7PM local time.

Last year we were only one of 292 events held on every continent on the globe. (A team of Dutch scientists in Antarctica took turns spinning on an exercise bike for their show of support!). Many more sites and participants are expected this year.

There will again be two events held.

One will start at Beaverton's City Library and trace a 5-6 mile loop passing ghost bikes placed in geographically representative locations where Mike Wilberding, Michael Kalan, Tim O'Donnell, Cheryl & Darrel McDaniel, Eric Kautzky, Eric Lyager and most tragically, Austin Miller.

The Beaverton and Washington County Sheriff Bicycle Patrol officers may again accompany us this year, but they are not there to control traffic. This is a solemn procession with little or no talking and certainly no time for critical mass type of behavior. As we proceed through the route, we must obey traffic control devices and other rules of the road. Our goal is ot raise awareness not confrontation.

The other event will showcase the dedication of a memorial to Tim O'Donnell by Washington County.
That, too will take place at 7PM on SW Long Rd about 300' east of where Tim was struck down on Cornelius-Schefflin Rd, just west of Hillsboro. There will be a short ceremony and then riders can ride from there over to the only other memorial to a slain bicyclist in the state, Eric Kautzky, on the Tualatin-Sherwood Rd in Sherwood. Maps and directions will be soon posted on the WashCo BTC website.

So if you find yourself on the west side of the hills that Wednesday, please join us.

Hal B.
Coordinator, Westside Ride of Silence

05-07-2008, 08:38 PM
Any info on the eastside event available?

Jean M.

Hal Ballard, LCI 815 C,M
05-08-2008, 09:08 AM
I've contacted Michelle Poyourow of the BTA with your question. She was the contact person for the event last year.:)

05-21-2008, 10:12 PM
http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2244/2513331926_7bc730c608.jpg (http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2244/2513331926_7bc730c608_b.jpg)

Here are the Ghost Bikes erected for Cheryl and Darrel McDaniel who were killed May 2006.