View Full Version : May 3rd/4th Cape Lookout Bike Camping Trip

Steven Kung
04-28-2008, 05:39 PM
Exchange Cycle Tours presents.... BIKE CAMPING!

ECT will be leading a number of bike camping trips this year, and our second
trip is May 3-4. These are completely self-supported camping trips (meaning
we carry everything out and back on the bike - no SAG vehicles, no baggage
truck). Our second trip of the year is to Cape Lookout State Park on the
Pacific Ocean near Netarts and Tillamook.

NOTE: This is a training ride for our group of 4 people who are going to
Spain for 3 weeks in May/June. As such, it is longer and more challenging
than our normal rides. Please read the following details carefully if you
plan on going on this ride. ECT will begin a series of easier camping trips
in June, and if you've never camped by bike before, the June/July/August
trips are going to be much easier-paced than this weekend.

Cape Lookout State Park is 12 miles SW of Tillamook, on the beautiful
Pacific Ocean. Part of the Three Capes Scenic Route, Cape Lookout has
hiking trails, miles of beach, and plenty of spots to watch a magnificent
beach sunset (assuming the weather cooperates).

Did I mention that they have hot showers? Bring a towel. They also have
firewood for sale, on-site.

Come join us for a 70-mile ride out to Cape Lookout State Park, an overnight
camping stay, and a 70-mile ride back on Sunday. If you're not sure what
you need to bring, email execdir@exchangecycletours.org for information to
safely enjoy this trip.

2 Day Event - Saturday/Sunday 05/03-04 ECT Camping Event - Cape Lookout
State Park

Sponsored by the Community Exchange Cycle Touring Club: We leave no riders

Saturday Forecast: Chance of showers, partly sunny, high 52 degrees
Sunday Froecast: Chance of showers, party sunny, high near 51

Starting point: Hillsboro Government Center MAX stop (end of the MAX line)
Ending point: Hillsboro Government Center MAX stop (This ride will return to
the starting point on the second day)

Distance: 70 miles, one-way. 70 miles on day two. (140 total miles)
(Note: since this is a loaded tour, the 70 miles will feel more like 90
miles. Plan accordingly)

Expected Duration: 7-8 hours riding one-way, plus 2 hours rest stops.

Pace: Moderate - pace will be slow due to load. We will regroup
periodically throughout the ride. No rider left behind. There are 2 large
hills along the route, one of which is a long uphill climb. The group will
stop as necessary to ensure all riders are safe and accounted for.

Assemble: 8:30 AM, Depart: 9:00 AM (IN HILLSBORO) Tri-Met Schedule:
(Note: Please arrive *before* the departure time so you can receive route
information and so loads can be adjusted / balanced properly for the trip)

Route Map:

Our Club Ride General Guidelines/Info:
Note: Revised general guidelines are being drafted to provide for the
extended nature of the camping trips.

Ride Leader and contact information: Matt Picio

Community Exchange Cycle Touring Club and Bike School (Exchange Cycle Tours)


Tent (w/ groundsheet)
Camping Pad
Sleeping Bag
Extra Blanket(s)

Panniers / rack / handlebar bag / trailer (whatever you need to carry
Spare tubes / patch kit
Multi-tool and tire levers
2 Sets of Cycling Clothes
Hat and / or Balaclava
Rain Gear / Windbreak

Extra socks
Camp Shorts
Camp T-Shirt
Camp Shoes / Sandals

Flashlight / headlamp
Spare batteries

There's a lot of items missing from the list - Consider that to be the BARE
minimums. If you have questions about what you should bring, email me at