View Full Version : 4/21 Wanderlust: Men Biking for Fun

04-17-2008, 12:10 AM
Would you forward this to friends & colleagues who might love to celebrate Earth Day by biking for fun & community (and you can come too)?

WANDERLUST: Men Biking for Fun
4/21 & 5/5 (1st & 3rd Mondays), 6:30 pm
Meet at Wild Oats (NE Fremont & 15th)

Playfully explore the city by bike with other men (of all ages, colors, sizes, orientations, & fitness levels). We never know where we’ll go or when we’ll stop, but we know we’ll have fun exploring together & stopping to eat along the way.

Please wear warm, waterproof clothes & gloves if you can; bring water, and have good bike lights (front & back) and a helmet.

Facilitated by David, Dennis, & Bart, who really love to explore this amazing city by bike.

DONATIONS/SPONSOR: $5 - $20 and/or a donation of volunteer time (1-2 hours). Donations support Manifest/Q-LAND, a non-profit men’s wellness community, empowering men to manifest wellness & love through community.

INFO: Dennis at 503-223-8822 x1

RSVP website: qland.org/calendar