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03-30-2008, 08:27 PM
I don't know what's up with this neighborhood, but I nearly got hit tonight at the crosswalk of 124th and SW Center, Beaverton today.

I was WB on Center (on the sidewalk, going very slow due to the umbrella I was holding), the Car was EB on Center, round 6pm (still light out, mild sprinkling, wet pavement).

I was crossing thru the intersection, when the car pulled to a stop, then took a sudden left turn and honked his horn angrily at me... He was able to loose me for a while, but when I did catch up w/him, there was a Washington Co. Sherriff there...

Seems that he witnessed a parking lot crash of a car into a parked car... I addressed the Deputy there, and he told the driver that I was in the right (going at ped speed on a sidewalk and thru an intersection is legal). The driver said that he honked because I just suddenly appeared (I was wearing my yellow coat and black sweats, holding an umbrella (which he admitted that he saw)).

No citation was issued, but the driver was reminded that bikes are legal on sidewalks... On a dissappointing note, the Deputy said that I'd be probably see more cars on the road. I told the cop that when gas hits $8.00/gallon, it'll be more bikes on the road, he had no comeback to that.

Ultra-visible or not, drivers seem to get their eyes examined by the Three Scrooges (I held my tongue on suggesting an eye exam, things were tense enough). Let's see if we can get older motorists re-tested...

Be carefull out there.

03-30-2008, 11:10 PM
There are black and orange detour signs on that street now because Center is apparently being used as part of a detour route for work being done in another area nearby. Extra attention drivers are directing towards following the route may cause them to be less than ordinarily aware of big bike riders in bright yellow coats, holding umbrellas in daylight hours.;)

I was confusing 124th with Lombard, so there really isn't any detour signs on 124th to confuse people. The guy was probably just not looking at all. Glad you escaped injury!