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04-26-2006, 06:32 PM
Has anybody tried using them while on a bike? Hearing aids are in my near future, and wind noise is already a problem that is preventing me from hearing much if I am going fast. I understand that some types of hearing aids deal better with wind noise than others, so I am trying to learn about them and looking for someone with experience.


06-03-2006, 07:59 AM
Hello michaeljl and others,

I wear a hearing aid in my left ear when riding around town and most my cooler and drier weather training. I've also worn it in a few cyclocross races and it was fine but I stopped being worried about damaging it or my ear in a crash.

I have one CIC (completely in canal) 14 channel digital hearing aid and it works great. There is a little wind noise but it is not bad and I can certainly hear better on the whole. The other great part is with it I can better hear my surrounds to supplement sight (cars back, etc). My audiologist suggested the CIC over a behind the ear because it is a bit more protected for sports and it doesn't get wet as easily in the rain. The one I have is the Widex Senso Diva just to see what I'm talking about. It is my first hearing aid but the digitals are really pretty good about doing selective amplification. The downside is the CIC's are more money then a behind the ear ones (for the one I have it was about $3000 vs. $2200). Honestly, the other good part about the CIC aids is they are virtually invisible so people don't assume you are deaf and daft and talk at you absurdly loadly and slowly. It is also an age thing, being 22 I think it would hurt some peoples perception of my skills or fitness.

The only times I don't wear it on the bike is when it is really wet (down pour, I wear it in moderate rain all the time without trouble) or it is very hot and it will get too sweaty. I have about 50% loss in just my left ear so my hearing really is not terrible without it so it seems like an OK trade off to ditch it sometimes. If my hearly was worse I would wear it more and risk shortening its life. I also usually train with riding partners who we give me a heads up on cars back and such.

Ride on, hear better. Seriously, I wish I have gotten my aid sooner, I've had it three years now and it has been really nice to have. I'd be happy to answer other questions as I can.

Scott B

06-03-2006, 03:20 PM
Thanks for the information on hearing aids. I posted this question on several different boards and your response was the most detailed and helpful. I know that it is a topic that interests others, because several people sent me a private message asking me to send them the results of my investigation. Thanks for taking the time.