View Full Version : Struck by provisional driver

photo dude
04-26-2006, 05:38 PM
Hey all.

Sunny day biking home near 19th and Barbur. I'm riding on 19th, on the road and I have some speed. I see a driver waiting to enter 19th from the Safeway parking lot. I can see the driver looking my direction - appearing to look directly at me. The sun is to his advantage, and I have my yellow/orange/black riding jacket on along with blue helmet, and other markers.

I watch him like a hawk but continue with speed, and nearly as soon as I am directly in front of the driveway - he jackrabbits right into me. I see this happening and have just enough time to jump clear and see my bike go under the wheels.

He stops, and is a young driver with a provisional liscense. He is sincerely sorry and seems shaken up. However he has a car load of 'friends' and one of them finds the whole incident to be gut busting funny. I find this kind of person more than just irritating, I think they are disturbing.

Anyway. Bike is being repaired and the drivers family has assured me that they are paying the bill. The Bike Gallery has given them an estimate. I have a twisted ankle, knee and shoulder but nothing major. I'll be back in the saddle in a few days. My bike scraped his bumper pretty good, and there is a nice impression/hole from my pedal.

Lesson? Even when I think I am glowing yellow banana, visible from five miles, there will always be a driver who just isn't looking. If I wasn't watching this guy despite the excellent conditions, I would have been much more seriously injured.

Stay upright everyone.