View Full Version : moms and commuting

03-01-2008, 11:20 AM
Hi there, do you commute with your kids? By commute I mean ride your bike pulling your kid(s) during commute hours.

In the recent past a friend of mine has been yelled at by a couple of drivers, saying that by pulling her child in a trailer during "rush" hour downtown that she is endangering her child's life.

What has been your experience - we would love to hear from you. What times do you commute downtown? What routes do you take? What has been your experience with drivers?

Also, if we organized a "critical mass" style ride would you be interested - it would obey laws. What other ideas do you have in regards to educating drivers about a person's choice to commute by bike with her/his child? Heck, what other ideas do you have in general regarding parents and cycling?

Thanks for riding!

Janis McDonald