View Full Version : Cornell Rd., across from Sunset High

02-26-2008, 03:05 PM
This actually happened a few weeks ago, on a Friday evening, after dark, (Friday nights can be crazy near high schools!) as I was riding home. For any who are familiar, the stretch of west-bound Cornell between Murray and 143rd can be a bit hazardous, especially at night. Anyway, as I was riding West past Sunset High, I noticed a car about to pull out from a Tennis/Athletic club on my right, across the street from the school. As I was focusing on getting this driver's eye contact, a minivan (don't even ask me for more of a description) pulled up from behind, and in classic form, started turning right to go into the Tennis club. I managed to turn with her and eventually got far enough ahead for her to see me. When she did see me, we were at about 60 degrees into "our" turn. She then stopped. I looked at her to be sure she would stay stopped, then I looked at the other driver I was originally concerned about to be sure she saw me (she had actually stayed stopped the whole time and was now looking at me with an alarmed expression), then I proceeded to weave between the two vehicles. BUT, just as I came around the front of the minivan, I was almost bowled over by a screaming teenage boy who had decided to take advantage of all the stopped cars and dash across Cornell into the Tennis club driveway. At least he said, "Excuse me!" as he ran off. Sheesh.

Oh, yeah--I do wear light/reflective gear at night and have a bright (MiNewt X2) headlight and bright blinky tail light--should be more than legally visible.