View Full Version : Buying new wheels

04-21-2006, 11:42 AM
I'm a bike upgrade noobie, but I need to get a couple new road bike wheels for my commuter soon. I was hoping to get something in the 105/Ultegra hub-Mavic rim range for $200 or so from either a local retailer or online.

I'd also like the wheels to be black and maybe aero... For some vanity, but also resale reasons. I'd prefer function over looks though if I can't have both. So, two questions:

First, any recommendations on shops in town that are good for wheel shopping?

Second, I saw a Easton set at Nashbar (http://www.nashbar.com/profile.cfm?category=131&subcategory=1197&brand=&sku=15737&storetype=&estoreid=&pagename=) but I'm not sure how these wheels compare to say - Shimano 105 hubs and Mavic open pro rims. Are these Easton wheels any good?

Thanks to anyone willing to school me a bit on wheel buying.

Edit: I found some Mavic CXP22 rims and shimano 105 hubs for a pretty decent price, so this is outdated now.