View Full Version : Rider on NW 231st s. of Cornell (westside)

Simple Nature
02-02-2008, 12:34 AM
Whoever the skinny rider... on the skinny bike was on Wednesday, Jan 30th, on NW 231st Ave just s. of Cornell road... YOU ARE INSANE!

It was dawn-dark and you had no lights or reflectors and I only saw you due to a contrast from the lighter building behind you. You were no more than the dark silouete.

I was turning at left onto Cherry Lane before I got to you (you were stopped/standing at the NE-corner of Cherry and 231st), but the fact that I could not (not didn't- Couldn't!) see you makes me provide this warning and hopefully some discussion along the way.

Then again, you may well be the same rider I told that you were invisible at the stop sign one evening at dusk on an earlier encounter and you just snarled and rode on. If you have a death wish, I suggest you carry out your intentions in a different manner.

I'm a rider, I watch for cyclist and respect their space, please help me to keep you safe; use a light and some reflectors for pete's sake!

norse rider
02-11-2008, 06:48 PM
Reading this makes me wish for us all to light up as much as our budgets will allow. In fact, can't the fuzz give us a ticket if we are riding at dusk/dawn/night without lights?