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04-17-2006, 10:29 AM
Bucks for BMX: Benefit Movie Night at the Bagdad Theater

Portland Parks and Recreation and its community partners are working hard to build several new BMX and skate parks in Portland - parks where kids and adults can ride their BMX bikes and skateboards safely and legally. The Bike Gallery thinks that’s a great idea. We believe it’s important for kids and the young-at-heart to have access to recreational opportunities. Knowing that city funds are in short supply we want to support the local BMX community by helping to raise money for the one of the new BMX and skate parks: Glenhaven.

If you’d like to help too, join us for Bucks for BMX, a benefit movie showing of “Joe Kid on a Stingray: The History of BMX” at the Bagdad Theater on June 8, 2006. “Joe Kid on a Stingray” tells the story of BMX, tracing its history from its racing and trick-riding infancy in the ‘70s to the big air X-Games and pro-tour racing of today. In addition to the movie, there will be a raffle for great prizes including Redline and Diamondback BMX bikes, and a memboriabila display. All proceeds from admission will go to helping complete the new Glenhaven BMX and skate Park.

For tickets or more information about the Bucks for BMX Benefit contact any Bike Gallery location or visist www.bikegallery.com/content/Bike_Gallery/bucksforbmx.html