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04-13-2006, 01:26 PM

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, I work in Beaverton and live in North Portland. Great to get the miles in, but Beaverton is one of the worst places to ride a bicycle.

Yesterday, I left work a little past 5pm heading out on my commute home. I usually take Walker Road, then cut through some neighborhoods, then head up the RT26 bike path. I felt like trying something a little diffferent so I decided to head up to Cedar Hills Blvd on Walker then make a left on Cedar Hills and head up the climb. 10 seconds into the different route I had a bad vibe. Cars were backed up for at least a mile and pretty much at a standstill, although I spun casually by them in the bike lane. About 50 meters ahead on the right hand side, I could see a large white Suburban SUV poking it's ugly head partially into the bike lane trying to gain a position so he could get onto Walker. He was coming out of the parking lot where the bowling alley is located. As I got closer I could see that he was on his cell phone. About 5 meters from the front of his SUV, he steps on the gas to try to get onto Walker. I couldn't believe it, but I knew he probably wasn't paying attention since he was on his cell phone. He sees me at the very last moment and lays on the horn and throws his hands in the air screaming something at me. Ok, I thought. Bad day at the office, but I still gave him a middle finger salute. Probably not the smartest thing to do, however, he was totally being a jackass and I wanted to make sure I didn't approve of his illegal manuever that almost caused an easily avoidable collison.

Needless to say, I moved on and continued to the right across Cedar Hills Blvd., then made a left into a school/park that I've rode through before as a shortcut. As I'm riding on a path through the park I hear screeching tires and I turn to see a white Suburban SUV speeding through the parking lot full of spring soccer kids and their families. The man gets out of his SUV and starts screaming obscenities in front of kids and adults in the park. He rattles about how he is going to kick my ass and find me and run me off the road. I turned around and approached the "man" to find out what his real issue was. He screamed at me again with more obscenities and threatened to harm me. I knew at this point the guy was a loose cannon and could not be reasoned with rationally. He then said, "Get a job so you can buy a car and contribute to society." Huh? I burned his license plate into my memory and told him that he was compensating for lacking in other areas. This guy was a "normal" gentleman with business attire. Maybe upper 40's in age.

I decided to ride off and as I was riding off he starting chasing me on foot through the soccer practice yelling how he was going to hurt me. I casually rode off and told him good day.

He drove a white, late model Suburban SUV with Oregon license plate # YEY 386.

If you see him and recognize the car, my suggestion is to stay away. He obviously has some severe issues.

04-13-2006, 09:11 PM
Wow, I'm shocked that someone could be so. . . I don't even know what to say.

I'm glad your physically unharmed.

I still can't believe the quip about cyclists not contributing to society. What a weirdo. Poor kids.

04-14-2006, 10:00 AM
indeed, sobering story. makes me want to carry a can of mace on my commute...

seems like maybe a bunch of folks could pool some $s and join one of those background check services that allows unlimited searches by license plate. then we could also post names and addresses of whack jobs like this guy.