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04-12-2006, 06:54 AM
On SW 2nd between Salmon & Taylor. approx 7:00AM, Wed 4/12/2006
Riding in Left lane, Large work truck in middle lane to my right.
Jeep Cherokee comes up fast in middle lane behind large work truck. Jeep Cherokee cuts me off and races to the red light. I gave finger. Jeep turned left onto Taylor before I caught up to him waiting at the red. I went straight on 2nd to avoid catching up with him again at the red on Taylor and 3rd.

Cause: probably one of two things.

1. failure of cherokee driver to judge my speed; I was accelerating from being stopped at 2nd and Salmon and jeep driver doesn't understand it is pretty easy for some bicyclists to get to traffic speed relatively quickly.

2. Jeep Driver was entitled to my SUV types that pollute the roads and ruin the driving.

I'd like to believe it was the ignorance factor, but the revving of the engine as driver milked out a few extra HP to get around me and my bicycle moving at approx. 18 MPH, gave away the impetuousness of the driver.

03 to 05 Red Jeep Cherokee, License plate LRU 280, I think.