View Full Version : Women on Bikes Rides and Clinics

04-10-2006, 01:27 PM
The City of Portland proudly presents its second year of Women on Bikes. Join us in discussing basic riding skills, bike fit, bicyclists' rights and responsibilities, and route planning, plus a whole clinic with hands-on basic maintenance and flat repair.

Women on Bikes also offers you a chance to connect with other women on our beginners' 10-12 mile bike rides. Find out about new routes, exchange stories and tips, and share a few laughs while we pedal around Portland.

For dates and descriptions please go to www.GettingAroundPortland.org and click on Northeast Hub. You will find a link to the Women on Bikes program. You can also contact me at janis.mcdonald@pdxtrans.org or 503-823-5358. Cheers!