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04-06-2006, 11:06 AM
I just wanted to pass along a close-call we just had at my office with a bike thief. One of my coworkers noticed a guy unscrewing anchor bolts from a u-rack at SE 11th and Market, and some guys confronted him. It looked like he had prepped the nuts to come off easily and then waited for a bike to be latched. He took off on his "own" bike immediately, but we all got a good look at him.

Here's the description: Over 6'2" tall, thin but not skinny, fair skin and light hair underneath a dark gray baseball cap. Square jaw and really long face. He was wearing a coverall-type top and pants that looked nondescript. He was riding a late model black Fuji hardtail mountain bike that might have been a Tahoe and was holding a U-Lock trying to look like he was locking up his bike.

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organic brian
04-24-2006, 11:47 PM
I wonder why the "some guys" didn't keep the dude there until police could arrive and demand the guy show ID. Once his identity were known, his residence could have been searched for stolen property or evidence of stealing property.

I'm sure that tampering with bike racks isn't legal. I would have kept the guy there until his identity was found out, if it were at all possible.

04-27-2006, 08:42 AM
Because the guys who held him could have been sued with false imprisonment. Too litigious out there.