View Full Version : NE via Marine Drive to Vancouver

11-22-2007, 08:36 AM
I'll be a newbie to this commute and, as many feel, it is a bit intimidating in terms of route and also a bit creepy in the sections that are not well populated.

Lots of people do the Delta Park thing coming from Interstate, but I live over by the Kennedy School so think it makes sense to go our 33rd to Marine Drive to Jantzen beach. I have to figure out the exact route from there; have not done the ride yet.

I have to be at work at 8am off 4th Plain Blvd.

Im somewhat of a fair weather biker, but also open to bike/bus combo. Goal is at least twice a week.


11-26-2007, 06:18 PM
I commuted home via marine drive. Being a small girl, it is super scary, and I was commuting home in the daytime. I have never done it at night.

There is one area from Vancouver Street (I think) where you are re-directed and have to ride up a sketchy path that takes you underneath a bridge (that looks like someone might live under).

Once on Marine drive, you have to navigate the bumpiest ill maintained bike lanes. Glass is EVERYWHERE, not to mention that large trucks and cars are passing you by at highway speeds. Further more, I have never ridden on Marine drive where there were other bike riders with me. It is essentially a ghost town for bikes. That always makes me feel vulnerable, because it means that most of the traffic isn't used to seeing bicycles. I have had several close calls with large trucks cutting in front of me to make right turns.

I don't really have another route recommendation. I was thinking of just crossing over to Interstate at Alberta or Rosa Parks or Lombard and just getting to Delta Park that way. I think it is more bike populated too.

I haven't tried that route, maybe others here can tell you their experiences. But if ever I thought I would die on a bicycle, Marine Drive is where it would be.