View Full Version : messed with in lake oswego

11-16-2007, 08:30 AM
crossing kruse ave northbound in lake oswego at 8:00 pm tonight.
bike lane ends, there is a right turn lane, straight lane, and left turn lane. i was traveling straight so i took the lane, a car from behind ran the light ( i know because it turned yellow while i was in the intersection. There is a median/ traffic divider so i remained in the lane to avoid being forced off the road as the car passed me in a 10 foot lane. so the guy drives about 2 feet behind me for about 30 yards untill i turned and motioned a question with my arms. he then screamed blah blah blah, get the ef off the f... road etc etc etc. after feeling threatened i called 911, but i effed up the license plate in the process.

please document every crappy driver with the police, it may one day save a life, maybe even your own. Ride safe.