View Full Version : SW 6th and Hwy 26

04-05-2006, 02:23 PM
* The nearest cross streets of your incident.
SW 6th crossing Hwy 26E

* A short description of what happened.
I was riding downtown from OHSU. There's a sign telling people not to make the very sharp right turn from 6th onto Hwy 26. I'm a defensive biker who certainly has learned not to trust drivers to hit their signals nice and early, but the No Right Turn sign gave me a false sense of security and I prepared to bike on through without a care in the world. But right as I got to the intersection, a Volvo suddenly flipped on its blinker and made the illegal right turn right in front of me. I managed to slow down enough that only my foot and front tire ended up going under the car. The driver was super nice and horrified at his mistake and my bike and foot were good as new in a few months, but it really emphasized the need for drivers to please please use their turn signals early and often. Unless I need both hands to control my bike, I try to signal my intentions, too.

* What neighborhood you’re from.
Live near Hawthorne St., work at OHSU.