View Full Version : Cheap Reflective material... and applications

11-03-2007, 10:08 AM
I was in a local Dollar Tree (or was it Big Lots!) when I spotted a cheap reflective material in the pet aisle. Dog leashes. I saw that they came in several colors, Red, Blue, Black, and Purple... I'm sure that there are other colors, but I didn't see 'em.

I had a spare buck, so I shelled out for one, and started modifications for using it on my bike.

I sewed short lengths of it to the straps of my backpack to improve my passive visiblility. Then I used the leftovers to make backpack danglers.

To make a backpack dangler, you need:

Reflective dog leash, or collar
Super Glue
1 inch diameter Split-Ring from a keychain
Cigarette Lighter

Cut off your desired length dangler with an extra inch or two from the dog leash (mine is 10" long, so I cut off 11"). Then to prevent fraying, heat seal the edges with the lighter. While the edges are still hot, you can squash them between a couple of flat surfaces to make them look better.

Fold the extra inch or two over, and use the superglue to form a loop for the split-ring.

Use the spit-ring to attach the dangler to the bottom of your backpack. Typically you can find a strap, or if you can't, just sew (or glue) a loop of extra leash to it.

As you ride along, it will flip around in the breeze and catch the eye of passing cars.

Be Safe out there