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Steven Kung
10-31-2007, 07:41 AM
Updated: Nov. 3-4 ECT Austin Hot Springs Campout - Route Map & Contact Info.

Starting Time:
Meet: 8:30AM, Sat. 11/3/07
Ride: 9:00AM

Starting Location:
ECT Brooklyn House
4038 SE Brooklyn Street
Portland, Oregon.

Campout Destination:
Austin Hot Springs
(Exact GPS coordinates included.)
(Precise camp site will be decided by group, depending on number of participants.)

(Updated) Detailed Route Map & Elevation Data:

Approximate Return Time to Brooklyn House:
Sunday 11/4/07, 6pm.

Basic directions:
Austin Hot Springs is on Forest Road 46 about 3.2 miles SE of the
junction with FR 63, on the Clackamas River. From Estacada, Oregon 224
turns into FR 46 about 1/2 mile east of Ripplebrook Ranger Station.
It's very roughly 10 miles from Ripplebrook to Austin.
(Riders may join or leave tour en route; no rider left behind.)

Total Mileage:
Approx. 60 miles one-way, 120 miles round-trip.

Elevation Gain:
(Updated) Approx. 1600 feet gradually over entire route to destination.

Equipment Needs & Notes:
(Updated) -There will be potable water sources along Hwy 224, at campgrounds.
(Updated) -Bring emergency blanket in case of freak snow storm; $3 at GI Joe's or REI.
-This is a self-supported bike tour. There will be no support
vehicles. Please be prepared for cold & wet weather riding, camping,
and some wilderness conditions. Survival provisions/skills beneficial.
-Overnight temperature may drop below freezing.
-The Hot Springs is not far from the road. It requires water-trekking
on approach, so please be prepared to have one set of swim wear plus
fleece uppers and lowers to stay warm overnight. Wool socks yes.
Water-trekking shoes yes.
-Bring tent and pad. Test them for full functionality prior.
-Bring dry foods enough for yourself to sustain over 24 hours. Once we
leave Estacada, there are no stores along our route. No
provisions at the Hot Springs. Hydration pack yes.
-Bring tissue paper for personal use.
-Bring standard self-supported bike touring spare parts (tubes,
spokes, patch kit, etc.) and multi-tool.
-Have your bike checked out professionally prior to trip.
-Front and rear lights + extra batteries required.
-Do not over-pack, only one-night stay.
-Austin Hot Springs is over 180 degrees F. Injuries will occur if skin
contacts undiluted hot springs flow. Mixing with river water required.
-(Please Ask if you have questions/concerns.)

Sponsored by ExchangeCycleTours.org

Liability Release/Waivers required by all ECT event participants.
(If you participated without signing one before, please sign one
before your next ride with us, Thx!)

(Updated) Contact Info:
Steven Kung: (503) 957-6672
Aaron Tarfman: (503) 503-334-6091