View Full Version : ECT Iberia 2008 Bike Tour Planning Update - 10/29/07

Steven Kung
10-29-2007, 06:58 AM
ECT Iberia 2008 Bike Tour Planning Update - 10/29/07

Dear Bike Travelers,

Here's the latest info on ECT's Iberia 2008 Bike Tour.
(www.ExchangeCycleTours.org; Yahoo Group: ExchangeCycleTours)
(Dedicated Googlegroup: IberiaECT08 @ Googlegroups . com; open invitation to join group & participate; please email "info@ExchangeCycleTours.org" to join group.)

Work-in-progress, needs refinement; your planning participation/feedback is much appreciated.

Friday 5/16/2008 - Sunday 6/8/2008

Flight Info:
US Airways, PDX - LIS (Lisbon, Portugal) Round Trip.

Air Fare:
Approx. $912.
May need to book flights soon to lock in price.
Need to consult travel agent or travelers with experience regarding how late can book tickets at what price.

(There was an option to do multi-city flights, from PDX - Lisbon outbound, then Madrid - PDX return, on NW Airlines / KLM there is a stop-over at Amsterdam of half-a-day. The fare goes above $1000, but may allow a short visit to Amsterdam. I concluded this option will cut out one day of biking in Iberia and stayed with the itinerary above. Maybe worth considering.)

Route - Gross Approximation to understand total distance involved:
Goal: From Lisbon, go south, into Morocco, back up north to Sevilla - Spain, follow Via de la Plata Bike Route (The Silver Way) from Southern Spain to Northwestern Spain, wrap around on west coast of Spain, go south, into Portugal, follow west coastal route back to Lisbon.

Total Mileage:
Shoot for 1400 - 1450 miles total.
Shoot for < 70 - 75 miles per day.

Via de la Plata Bike Route info:
Includes an interactive map of the entire route with town names & photos along the route.

Estimated Per Diem Costs:
Food: $10 - $30/day (depending on personal preference; local grocery shopping daily for food is most economical)
Lodging: $5 - $15/day (camping, hosteling, couch-surfing)
Ground Transportation: $200 budget (never know if will need transportation other than your bike)
Entrance Fees to points-of-interest: $10/day

Estimated Total Cost:
$1600 - $2000 (depending on individual spend rate)

The detailed route outside of Via de la Plata needs to be defined. If anyone has time to work on this, please let me know.

I will try to set a date for a face-to-face meeting for interested travelers/planners. Hopefully during November.