View Full Version : 37th and NE Hancock St

04-04-2006, 07:21 AM
April 4th 2006

Last night, heading west on Hancock st, a few blocks from home, a woman in a Subaru wagon approached the stop sign at 37th... looked right at me approaching and she pulled out in front of me also heading west. I rang my bell loudly as a reprimand. Strangely thougn, she didn't pull into the westbound lane completely, she stayed wide, so I figured she had realized that she just cut off a cyclist and was giving me room to pass on her right... however, it turns out she was manouvering to make a sharp right turn into a driveway - right in front of me!

I shouted, and quickly braked till we both came to a stop nose to nose.

So. Even when they are looking right at you, they don't see you. And I was in screaming yellow with the sun shining on me (not behind me).

Be safe and aware everyone.