View Full Version : NE 19th & Broadway

04-03-2006, 06:44 PM
Closer than my other close call! Heading West on NE Broadway using the bike lane, no car traffic on Broadway either in front nor behind me. Suddenly a woman in a white economy car pulls out into Broadway heading North on 19th Avenue. I am moving approx. 15-20mph, again on my single speed coaster brake bike, and she is gaining speed... heading right towards me... oh no! t-bone city!... I desperately try to stop and turn North while screaming "whoa Whoa WHoa WHOa WHOA" at the top of my lungs... she doesn't appear to see me... then suddenly, STOPS! Thank God. With a slight veer I continue forward on Broadway, shout a succinct expletive greeting to her, and shakily go my way.

Who taught this lady how to look both ways?!