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10-16-2007, 02:08 PM
Wednesday, October 3rd, 8:15am. The roads were wet and it was raining lightly. Southbound on Vancouver Ave, car traffic was backed up at a standstill at the light at N Stanton I think. As I approached the intersection at 20mph a woman was waiting in an older Saturn (out of my view) to cross westbound on Monroe to the hospital (2 blocks N of Stanton).

My view of her was blocked by a large truck or panel van who considerately waved her across and into my direct path. We entered into the intersection at the same time, I locked up my brakes but the wet pavement may as well have been ice and I smacked squarely into her at 20mph and rolled off her trunk. I was wearing a helmet but didn't hit my head, or at least not very hard.

I walked myself to the Legacy emergency room, thanks Jason for help with my bike (not yet sure the damage). The x-ray showed a broken collarbone. She felt horrible but it was clearly her fault, and her insurance has accepted fault.

I'm in no hurry to settle. I am super chapped that after buying a brand new cyclocross bike (not in the accident), I'm out what was to be my inagural season. My whitewater kayaking season is delayed until mid December and no bike commuting, surfing, or anything but lightly jogging until then.

Although this wasn't my fault, I haven't been as defensive in my riding as I could be. The bike lane is not a magic cacoon and I can still be right but dead. I'm extremely lucky it wasn't worse.

This marks the second time I've been hit since June, when a woman right turned on me onto one of the side streets before the Broadway bridge at the Rose Quarter. I stayed on my bike and only hockey checked her door, scared the bejesus out of her and kept riding.

Be safe.

10-16-2007, 02:44 PM
A very similar accident occured in Beaverton (Cedar Hills and Broadway) last Tuesday... except that the guy waved the other driver into my mom's car.... Of course the guy didn't get cited, but it sure seems like a bad idea to wave someone thru an intersection...

Hope you are feeling better...
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