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Allen B
10-14-2007, 08:50 AM
On 10/12/2007, around 9:05 am, I was coming off of the Burnside Bridge, heading west on my bike. I had the green light at 2nd and Burnside. As I was crossing 2nd a Green Toyota SUV, heading East on Burnside, illegally turned left on 2nd. The driver did not slow down. I don't think he saw me either. I hit my breaks, a bit too hard, and was thrown over my handlebars. Pesky physics!
I stood up and shook my fist at the driver. I pointed out the green light.
Several pedestrians pointed out the green light too. The driver did not stop, but he did flip me off!
As far as I can tell I am uninjured. A pedestrian took down the SUVs license for me, and someone in a nearby office told me they witnessed the whole incident. I was a little shaken and did not get their name, but I know how to reach them if necessary. I called the Police. The Police told me to call the DMV. The DMV told me there was nothing I could do. Apparently you have to make physical contact with a vehicle or be killed before something can be done. Naturally Iím angry with the driver, but Iím even more upset by the response of the ďauthorities.Ē

10-14-2007, 09:20 AM
Take the Info to the BTA, they have a way of tracking down the driver.

Take the FREE Bikes and the Law clinic (Go to their website: www.bta4bikes.org for time and date)... they provide a copy of Ray Thomas's book "Pedal Power, A Legal Guide for Oregon Bicyclists"... Often this is led by Ray Thomas (who is also a Bike Injury Attorney)...

Pedal Power includes a chapter on proscecuting the guy w/o the help of the cops. You can also go to Ray's Website:


Now call the BTA... Do this... Do this NOW! (or at least when they are open).

Also JOIN the BTA... Ray said that something to the effect that you will often get a better response by being a member.

Hope things are going better for you