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10-04-2007, 12:41 PM
I have acquired a mint, older (1993?) Klein Pinnacle with its original front shocks, which I believe may be old style Rock Shox Judy, but this is an educated guess (custom paint job has obliterated any identifying logo). Problem: the shocks will depress very little, and I don't know either how to adjust them OR how to replace seals, oil, etc., if that is what's needed.
Anybody on this list able to help? I can email you a photo or bring you the bike if you can identify the shocks and show me what to do.
OR does anyone know of a bike shop or mechanic with the knowledge and patience to guide me? Many mechanic dudes don't have the background or experience to deal with these older style shocks.
I LOVE this bike, and want to put it back into best--and safest--working order for me to ride as long as I'm able. And, just FYI, I have exhausted internet searches trying to solve this puzzle.

10-04-2007, 07:08 PM
I know this isn't what your looking for exactly,and granted it was printed in 2002, but I found a diagram http://www.sram.com/_media/techdocs/02_04JudySLandXCService.pdf that might help. I am sure the basics are the same, oil, spring, damper, bleed valve and such. If your like me, I would take the thing apart and see if I could get it working first by cleaning , oiling, and checking the seals. Finding parts may be
harder than finding out whats wrong.


10-09-2007, 10:34 AM
In my day job, my official position is "RockShox Technician," so I can at least give you the official position on these forks, for what it's worth. Any suspension fork has various rubber bits that have a finite life span, and your fork is probably well beyond that span. What this means is that even if nothing traumatic has gone wrong with it, it needs to be overhauled and have these bits replaced (on most new forks the recommended interval for this service is 50 riding hours - that's right, 50 hours on the bike, and you officially need to replace the soft parts and refresh the oil). The problem you will encounter is that parts for a fork this old have not been made for many years. Also, depending on the Judy you have (if it is a Judy), the actual spring may be an elastomer (synthetic rubber-like bouncy stuff), and these elastomers are famous for deteriorating, and are not available new. It may be possible to replace the internal parts of the fork with an air sprung and damped system by Englund (Eko Sport, Inc.), though I understand that these are no longer in production, either. The only place in the US that will have any parts for a fork this old will be Hippietech ( http://www.hippiesuspension.com/hippietechsuspension/ ), And it will probably be much easier for them to give you a prognosis if you can find out exactly what you have. Otherwise, your best option is to replace the fork, which will only be difficult if the frame has a 1" headset. Good luck!

10-09-2007, 11:49 AM
Val, this info is hugely helpful. My further research has now led me to believe that Judy it isn't, but a version with only elastomer damping. A local bike teck figured this out, and showed me how to increase the travel by backing off the central 4mm hex screw. The screw had been hidden deep inside the cap. Would it be possible for you to p-mail me for further discussion? You can reach me directly at orlyblauvan at yahoo dot com