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ME 2
10-04-2007, 10:03 AM
After 7+ years my helmet is trashed, sort of. The straps that hold the helmet secure to the back of my head are worn out and have fallen off my helmet. It's time to get a new one. However, the shell is still good. Does anyone know if you can recycle a helmet? It seems like there might be some use for the shell. Besides I hate throwing stuff like that in the trash.

10-04-2007, 11:24 AM
You could turn it into a planter

10-15-2007, 06:56 AM
Even if the shell appears to be fine, there is every chance that the helmet is unsafe for reusing as a helmet... standards are constantly improving, and 7 years old is LONG past the typical life of a bike helmet.

That said, it could be used for some kind of PSA (put the thing on a melon, whack the snot out of it... then whack the snot out of an unprotected melon).


You might contact the maker and see what they suggest for recycling options
(perhaps a warranty replacement?)

Rubberside rolls better

Helmets are like lightbulbs... they only work when they are ON

10-16-2007, 11:02 AM
I emailed Giro not too long ago about any type of recycling program that they offered, but they never got back to me. :(