View Full Version : ECT Iberia 2008 Bike Tour Planning Update

Steven Kung
10-03-2007, 11:17 PM
[Please forgive duplications of this message.]

It's been a while since I updated you all on our progress on route planning for the 2008 ECT Iberia Bike Tour.

For those of you hearing about this bike tour for the 1st time, here's a link to the background:

Two planners indeed met with Diego Martinez, the Spaniard bike-touring in USA, right here in Portland and obtained oodles of good info on where to go, how, what to see, and lots of web links. We even got the web link to Spanish naked bike rides (www.ciclonudista.net; if we can fit into their 2008 World Naked Bike Ride schedule, which I think will be early June, that'd be awesome.)

As it turned out, Diego has bike toured extensively in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. He is currently planning a 1-year bike tour from Indonesia through South East Asia, China, India, Napal, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and back to Spain.

The arterial bike route through Spain we will focus on is the North-South route called The Silver Route. There's a few different ways to cover this route and go into Portugal and Morocco. We may be able to ride a large section of the Portuguese west coast. We are thinking not venturing too far into Morocco this trip. We will also not go too far into eastern Spain due to terrain and time constraints. Hopefully we can, speaking selfishly, explore parts of Andalusia in southern Spain to find some authentic Flamenco performances. (Jill suggested I watch too many movies, but I am determined to find a Gypsy wedding...) There is still the decision of flying into Lisbon or Madrid, depending on flight cost and route preference.

I need some time to compile all my notes from our meeting then propose a few route scenarios.

Once we have a tentative route planned, I will send it to Diego for feedback. Then we can start having our Spanish and Portuguese translator volunteers (Jill & Erica) post requests targeted at bicycle clubs and communities en route for local hosts and possible future exchange tours.

I will set up a meeting where those who are interested in participating either in planning or riding this trip can brainstorm.

I will keep you all posted.

If you have any input or comments, feel free to email me. To join the "Iberia08ECT" Googlegroup so you can be included in all discussions regarding this trip, just email me.