View Full Version : stolen wheel

09-30-2007, 03:56 PM
so last night, while i was attending the stumptown comics after party at cosmic monkey, someone stole my rear wheel.

it was a pretty nice rim with a $45, red striped, 23x700 tire. i am basically out ninety bucks, which is pretty lame. thankfully, my friend mason was there and gave me a ride home, but my bike has been rendered pretty useless until i get paid on friday. at my house we have a couple extra front wheels and tires and tubes, but no extra rear wheels. i've asked a few of my friends via the ol' telephone if any of them have a wheel i could borrow until friday (i only have $30 until friday because i just paid rent and a bunch of bills) with no success. on the off chance any of you have one i can borrow, please let me know.

i was having a really great day yesterday, what a horrible ending.

when stuff like this happens, it's really hard for me not to get into this certain attitude i really loath, the "why me?!" attitude. i keep trying to reassure myself. "well, at least the wheel was out of true, with a couple loose spokes." or, "someone will have a wheel i can borrow." or, "it will all be back to normal by the end of this week." or, "my life is going really awesomely, if this is the bad thing, it's not so bad." eck.