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Steven Kung
09-26-2007, 12:38 AM
On Sunday October 7th (10/7) Community Exchange Cycle Touring Club (ECT) will be hosting a bike ride from the Waterfront to the Village Ballroom's Sunday Dance in NE Portland.

This ride aims to connect our bicycle community with one of Portland's Dance communities. This is one of several cultural exploration rides ECT will be hosting this Fall/Winter Season. Other rides-in-planning will explore: Buddhist's temple, Islamic places of worship, First-Nations exhibits, Asian bookstores, Oregon hot springs, etc. Please stay tuned for detailed postings.

We also invite regular dance participants who do not usually ride your bikes to Dance to try it on this day.

For more info on the recurring dance event at VBR:

The ride will start at Madison Plaza, arrive at the Village Ballroom before 10:30am. There is a recommended donation at the door ($7). Ride participants can stay for the dance event which runs until 12:30pm. Ride leader will then return to Madison Plaza by bike. There are restrooms for changing your clothes. Expect to dance without your street/bike shoes on the dance floor (bare feet, socks, or ballet shoes only).

A note regarding children: while this dance event is all-ages welcome, please be advised that on the dance floor some participants may be inspired to become "clothing optional". Should you or your minor children feel more comfortable, there are spaces outside of the dance floor for rest and intermission.

Starting Location: Madison Plaza (SE Madison & Eastbank Esplanade)
Village Ballroom address: 700 NE Dekum, Portland.

Assemble Time - 9:30 AM
Departure Time - 9:40 AM

Total Distance (Round Trip): 11 miles.

Pace: Easy Group Ride. No rider left behind.

Pack a snack/lunch if you want.

Ride Leader Contact:
Steven Kung (503)957-6672, sfnkung at gmail dot com

We are a non-profit organization promoting peace and cultural
exchange through bicycle touring and bike school operation. We are
registered with the State of Oregon and we are applying for our 501(c)3 status with IRS.
Upon receipt of our non-profit status, your
donations will be tax deductible with a retroactive effectivity date
of 3/29/2007 - our incorporation date.
Our club rides and bike school have been in operation since Janurary, 2006.

Your participation, volunteering, and donations are much appreciated.

Our website: www.ExchangeCycleTours.org

For event listings & ride photos - Yahoo Groups: ExchangeCycleTours

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