View Full Version : Vancouver, Wa.: Klineline Bridge Replacement meeting next Monday

the Wumpus
09-15-2007, 10:28 AM

From about halfway down that page:

The next meeting will be in September 17 from 6-8 p.m. at the Clark County Public Works Conference Center on NE 78th Street and St. Johns Avenue. This is a public meeting and agenda time will be reserved for public comment.

I don't know how many Vancouverites are on this board, but if you're out there and bicycle or walk over this bridge, it's going to be closed for replacement next year. The nearest detour will be to the east on Salmon Creek Avenue, a two lane road which also appears to be the primary detour route for all surface street auto traffic from four-lane Highway 99. To the west, the nearest surface street crossing Salmon Creek is NW 36th Avenue, up and over Felida Ridge.

I've emailed, asking for information, with no results, and subscribed to the automated notification list with no results. The billboard placed alongside the bridge right now advertises the August 27th meeting. They don't seem to be going out of the way to let people know about these meetings, so if you know anyone who may be affected by this project and might be interested in attending this meeting, pass it on!

In the minutes for the first meeting, maintaining a pedestrian bridge through the replacement period came up in a brainstorming session and was given a #1 priority. No mention of this was made in the following meetings. So I'm headed to the meeting next Monday to find out more. Anyone else going?